What does it mean to be HIPAA Compliant?

Your private information should remain that way – private. Ensuring your records are kept confidential requires important layers of protection. Without rules and processes in place, the lines of what information can be disclosed is blurred, especially in today’s technologically reliant world. Thankfully, there is a nationally mandated law to help guide the process on how to protect you and your information.

Why is health insurance important?

Illness is never something you expect or plan to happen. It can come out of nowhere, and cause financial stress when you don’t have access to the right financial support. Even with a healthy lifestyle, you may need medical care sometime in your life. Be proactive about your health insurance, and make sure you’re covered before you get sick .Prepare, financial backup just in case to make sure you are covered.

Why you should STILL Use Telehealth Post Pandemic

Participating in telehealth visits gives you the opportunity to visit a healthcare professional with more convenience. You’re able to speak with your doctor from the comfort of your own home, with more flexibility. Attending these appointments cuts the time it takes to get ready, drive to the office, check in, wait in the waiting room, and then wait in the patient room.

Why You Should Encourage Preventative Care in Your Employee Workforce

Encouraging preventative care benefits your company short and long term. When employees have access to resources to support their wellbeing, they are able to utilize it to continue on a healthier trajectory to be more present and engaging during day to day tasks.