Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus Testing: Who Should Pay?

COVID-19 Testing is Essential to Slow the Spread: Who Should Pay?

Coronavirus has spread rapidly throughout the world, especially in places with more vulnerable populations. Specifically, in the nursing homes, there has been a massive spike in COVID-19 related deaths. With this information, many state officials have called for nursing home workers and residents to be tested consistently. These health care workers are some of the most underpaid workers in the industry, yet they might have to take on the financial burden of paying for their weekly testing. 

Regular testing of these workers is important to help control the spread of Coronavirus, as they may be in contact with COVID-19 carriers daily. The initial outbreak of the virus occurred in a nursing home in Seattle, and has seen a large death toll in nursing homes in both New York and New Jersey. 

State by state there has been various information being relayed, which makes it confusing for workers who are unaware if their insurance will cover the cost of the testing. Federally, the CMS states that nursing homes should be tested weekly, while the CDC said each facility can adjust their testing frequency depending on the presence of COVID-19. 

Testing all nursing home workers and the residents would add up to 150,000 tests per day. With tests costing around $100, this would be a large undertaking for whoever takes the cost. 

Because nursing home workers are the lowest paid health care workers in the industry, it is likely that many of them don’t have insurance coverage to help with the costs. These nursing homes also don’t feel as if they can cover the full cost of the tests, they need assistance from the state. 

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