How Will Coronavirus Affect the Health Care System

COVID-19 & the Health Care System

How Will Coronavirus Affect the Health Care System?

COVID-19 & the Health Care System: Coronavirus has sent shockwaves throughout the world over the past few months. While we work to combat the virus right now, we also must consider what might happen in the future. How will the pandemic, the shutdown economy, canceled elective surgeries, and other coronavirus-related issues affect the future of our well being as a whole?

COVID-19 has already cost our nation about 143,000 deaths.

Along with those who have been hospitalized due to the illness. These numbers are from the beginning of the pandemic, and we may experience more waves of the outbreak, so we must be prepared. 

Because the virus is so unknown, we are unaware of the potential effects that come with recovering from the virus. Some of these potential effects could be lung scarring, strokes, embolisms, blood clotting, and heart damage. People may be living with the effects of the virus for years to come.

Not only are there direct effects related to this virus, but there are also indirect implications.

With canceled doctors appointments, non-essential surgeries, and other non-essential health care procedures, it could cause lasting effects on the healthcare system and the patients. If people delay care for much longer, they might skip treatment that would help them in the long run. 

Once elective surgeries resume, there might be people who are hesitant to go into hospitals and doctor’s offices due to the fear of contracting COVID-19. If people do get comfortable coming back into the office, it will likely cause a pile-up of appointments, which could delay life-saving surgeries that are non-essential.

With the stay-at-home order and social distancing protocols in place, the collective mental health has been a concern for some.

The economic crisis and the stress and reality of the actual virus can take a toll on people’s mental health. Virtual health options are available to speak to therapists now, but we will likely see the effects of this later on. 

Luckily the expansion of telehealth services has allowed people to have a routine check-up or consultation without coming into the doctor’s office. Virtual health services are now considered a must-have with the current health crisis. This technology is likely here to stay, as both patients and physicians have adopted the wide usage of it. The convenience and safety of these services are among the many reasons it has been used widely.

Lastly, the economic effects of Coronavirus will likely take a toll on people’s access to healthcare and the industry itself.

Those who have lost their jobs due to Coronavirus have likely lost their health insurance coverage as well. Without access to proper healthcare services, the overall health of Americans will likely decrease. People will be less likely to seek health services if they do not have the proper insurance to cover the costs. 

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