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With COVID-19 turning the world and the healthcare industry on its head, we regualry write about the ways you can navigate the system to keep your business afloat.


Updates and questions in the world of Employee Benefits

voluntary and individual benefits

Navigating Individual and Voluntary Benefits

Navigating the similarities and differences between individual and voluntary benefits can seem challenging. Which ones do your employees want? What can employees get from individual benefits that they can’t from voluntary? How can benefits attract and retain great talent? Here is a list of the major similarities and differences between the two to help you navigate what benefits you want to provide.
COVID-19 and ACA Compliance

ACA Compliance and COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, ACA compliance has become a bit more complicated. As an employer, you must ensure that all your paperwork and practices are ACA compliant. If individuals wrongly receive a PTC, the employer is responsible for proving to the IRS that the individual did not qualify. It is now more important than ever to have your information in order, in case of future issues. In the ACA times article below, you will see why ACA penalties may increase this year, and how you can prevent potential penalties for your business.
voluntary benefits

Voluntary Benefits and Your Employees

Benefit programs are essential to keeping your employees engaged and happy at work— but not just standard benefit programs. You also need to be providing voluntary benefits. Voluntary benefits allow employees to feel cared for and important in your organization. Here are a few ways voluntary benefits might benefit your business:
How Will Coronavirus Affect the Health Care System

COVID-19 & the Health Care System

Coronavirus has sent shockwaves throughout the world over the past few months. While we work to combat the virus right now, we also must consider what might happen in the future. How will the pandemic, the shutdown economy, canceled elective surgeries, and other coronavirus-related issues affect the future of our well being as a whole?
Medicare False Claims and Audits

Medicare, False Claims Act & Audits

Under the CARES Act, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services was instructed to write payments under the Inpatient Prospective Payment System by 20% for Medicare beneficiaries who have had COVID-19.
2020 Compliance ACA conference

What You Need to Know About 2020 ACA Reporting

Throughout 2020 we have seen a lot of changes in the workforce. This causes a lot of confusion surrounding ACA reporting for those with 50 or more full-time employees.