Make Preventative Care a Priority in 2021

Your Guide To A Healthy 2021!

The New Year is upon us!  I think we all can agree, 2020 has been a year unlike any other. As we look to the new year and reflect on the past 365 days, how are you planning on keeping your health a top priority in 2021?

Virtual Health Benefits Include Mental Health Services

Virtual Health Benefits Include Mental Health Services: Happy Holidays!

The holidays, as exciting as they are, can also be extremely taxing on your mental and emotional health. Let’s face it… family gatherings can be a difficult venture for anyone. It’s no wonder the holiday season is the hospital’s busiest time. In order to prevent major hospital-visit-inducing accidents, take time to prioritize your mental health. 

Minimum Essential Coverage Plans- What Do They Really Cover?

Minimum essential coverage, also known as Obamacare, is designed to give coverage to those who need it most. However, there is quite a bit of confusion surrounding what minimum essential coverage actually covers for patients with this healthcare. MEC was designed to provide patients with 10 essential benefits. So what exactly are these essential health benefits?