Transamerica’s partnership with SBMA brings you quality, affordable health insurance that fits into your budget and removes the hassle of excess submissions to insurance carriers.  Many people go to the doctor and never file their claims with their insurance company.  Whether it is because of a language barrier or a simple lack of understanding, many people will leave their medical bills unpaid rather than try to navigate the complexities of insurance filings and submissions.  

Despite the fact that the majority of people think it’s important, 70% of people have misfiled or failed to file paperwork to receive claims reimbursements.

The partnership between SBMA and Transamerica has transformed the way employees submit claims. 

In a traditional insurer claims submission, the injured or sick party must fill out forms and submit them in order to be reimbursed by the insurer for money spent out of pocket to receive care. 

With SBMA and Transamerica, The injured or sick party has nothing to submit.  SBMA takes care of all of the paperwork so you can get better. 

Additionally, if your coverage is for $200 and the cost of your care is $180, SBMA will send you the difference between your coverage amount and the cost of care.  

No hassle.  No misfiled paperwork, no forgotten claims, or lost receipts.  Just care when you need it and your full coverage used for your own benefit (not the benefit of some giant company). 

How can you prepare for the unexpected?

At SBMA, our healthcare options provide the coverage your clients need at an affordable rate. Our medical, ancillary, worksite, and virtual health benefits provide comprehensive coverage to give you a complete solution to your healthcare needs. Want to know more? Reach out: