group benefits

Group Benefits Improve Employee Experience

Navigating Group Benefits Helps to Improve Your Employees Experience

Information about group benefits is often convoluted and can be difficult to navigate. Employees do not always want to read through their benefits package or read through the long emails associated with benefits communication. Clear communication as to what benefits employees are receiving and how they can maximize the use of their benefits will increase employee satisfaction. How can you communicate employee’s group benefits more clearly to improve your employee experience?

First, write simply. Stay away from technical jargon to inform your employees of their benefits. Most people do not care about the technical aspects of their benefit plans, they just want to know what it can do for them. In order to communicate clearly and effectively, you must use familiar language for all audiences. 

An aspect of putting benefit jargon simply is using real-world examples to explain how the benefits will improve their lives. Give tangible real examples of how these benefits have improved others’ lives so they can put themselves into that example. People innately respond to stories. Ensure that they are relatable so they can really envision themselves in the example. 

Putting a personalized touch to your communication will also create a more emotional connection to what you are communicating. You should segment your communication based on who you are talking to. Small tweaks to your message and communication methods could drastically improve your employee’s ability to better understand their benefits. 

Employees are not incredibly invested in learning about health insurance. But learning about them and understanding them will likely help them navigate using them when they need to. Framing understanding benefits as a way to save money in the future is a good way for employees to want to learn more. 

At SBMA we offer an online portal for easy navigation of benefits, so employees can understand and utilize their benefits to the best of their ability. Portals like these make benefit communication simple. Not only will employees be able to navigate things on their own, but your HR department will save time not constantly dealing with navigating employee benefits.